New Bridge: Josh's Story

Josh GOur story starts when my wife and I were married November 2007. Everything was going really well and we felt ready to start our family a year later.  Time was getting closer and closer for the arrival of our little girl and it was also a time when our trials started to become harder and harder. Our little princess was born September 11th, 2009 and while into her maternity leave my wife was let go from her job and because the economy turned, my job working construction was ultimately over. We moved into my parent’s house to save money and I took up various jobs to make ends meet and my wife babysat for extra money and continued to search for jobs, with plenty of interviews with no luck.  With whatever money we had my wife and I took the plunge and put it into school.  I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field so I did a fast track CNA program at Pima Medical Institute to get closer to my goal of being a CRNA. I graduated from my CNA program and several applications and sending resume after resume, I found a great job with great benefits as a CNA at a children’s hospital. I was still taking classes at my community college to finish up my transfer credits for nursing. 

Josh_DWorking nights, helping whenever I could with our newborn baby, going to school, and the stress of our financial state were taking its toll.             I remember my wife and I really praying to help us to know how to manage our situation. Things seemed like they were getting worse. We had to move out of my parent’s house and found a cozy one-bedroom apartment. On top of that we were extremely surprised to find out we were going to welcome a little boy into our family. To be quite honest, we were freaking out! I was so glad to have my fishing buddy but felt really scared that  I wouldn’t be able to provide for all of us. I felt like I was drowning, my income was just not enough to cover all of our expenses.  The next few days at school were like the usual, except for one, when I stayed after to talk to my math teacher Sue Glascoe, I don’t know what really started our conversation but she told me about the North Star Bridge Program she and her husband had developed for students who were at risk of not finishing school, Mrs. Glascoe thought I would be a good candidate. I could have sworn the heavens opened. I immediately went home and told my wife, needless to say we felt so thankful our prayers had been answered!  We became apart of Northstar Bridge family and for the first time in what seemed like an eternity I felt like I could keep my head above water.

I am currently enrolled at Chamberlain School of Nursing and am proud to say that I made the Dean’s List! I graduate from nursing school in October 2012. Josh_newbabyWe welcomed a baby boy September 7th, 2010 and my little girl just turned the big 1, my wife stays at home with both of them and still manages to babysit other kids here and there. I don’t know how she does it but after all that she still manages to help me with school and has currently enrolled to finish her prerequisites for her nursing degree. Although, graduating nursing school will only be a stepping-stone to my final goal of becoming a CRNA, it feels as though the path there isn’t as far as I thought it was. I really do just feel so lucky that someone was there to lend me a hand when I needed it most. Josh_Kids

 Words really can’t express the amount of gratitude we have for the Glascoe family. They welcomed us with loving arms and my family and I feel so fortunate to have been apart of the North Star Bridge family. The devotion and determination the Glascoes have to help students in similar situations is really just tremendous! Thank you to everyone in the North Star Bridge Program for making my family’s dream possible and mine!

Written by Josh G


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