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Sue and LeeMy wife and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary January 2017. Sue is an Arizona native
and had been a math instructor at Mesa Community College since 1997; she has been teaching since
1986. She retired from teaching in 2015, and now is a freelance digital media specialist.
I am from Mississippi and am a project
manager at Honeywell International, Inc. I have
lived in the valley since 1986. To learn more about Sue, check out her website
at Tech4MathEd.com

Sue and I have always believed we should be helping others, but had not found our niche. We have worked in children’s programs and small group ministries over the years, but college students with needs are recurring events in the life
of my wife, both before we married, and in our lives today. We have met abandoned students, destitute single parents, students caring for younger siblings with no parent in sight, along with students in countless other difficult situations. We have provided limited assistance when we have been able. In 2009, we made our effort official with the incorporation of the non-profit organization The North Star Bridge Project. We have many friends who have come along beside us to encourage us and help us move forward. We are eternally grateful for their support.

We have found our North Star…to help you build a bridge to success so you can get some of life’s basic needs out of the way and focus on your higher education.

Take time to read The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds. This wonderful children’s book is about finding your own path in life. It has been an
inspiration to our family over the years, and is the inspiration behind the
name of our organization. If you have children, you should read it to them. It may quickly become your favorite, too!

Peter H. Reynolds

The author is a long time friend of Sue’s, and has graciously offered to create all
of the artwork for our non-profit, along with standing beside us as our Vice President. To learn more about Peter H. Reynolds and all of the amazing things
he is involved in, please click on the link that will take you to his website: Meet
Peter H. Reynolds


If you are still wondering who we are, I understand. I can give you facts and figures that say a lot, but mean little. Write us if you have questions. We’ll answer them as best we can. This organization is our gift to those in need. If
you feel passionate about helping these students as well, we could use your assistance.

Lee and Sue Glascoe



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