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The North Star Bridge Project: Helping Students In Need Create the Bridge to Success

We at The North Star Bridge believe students desiring a higher education in Mesa, Arizona, with self-determination, guiding morals, appreciation of culture, creativity, a belief of service to others, and a natural desire to learn and improve, Peter's quotebut are challenged to provide basic necessities and to fund a higher education for themselves, deserve our assistance to bridge this gap so they can achieve their goals in life, starting with a higher education. We are here to try to meet these basic needs and provide some financial support.

The years of your higher education should be your primary focus. We will establish and maintain programs to fill the gap between the cost of a higher education and available aid, scholarships, and grants, and to assist in providing food, clothing and shelter. We believe no one should be prevented from reaching their full potential in life because of these basic challenges.  Let our family and friends navigate these waters with you, and help build a bridge toward your North Star.

…and Upward,


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Susan C. Glascoe
Co-founder/President, The North Star Bridge Project

Peter H. Reynolds

Peter H. Reynolds
Illustrator/Vice-President, The North Star Bridge Project

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Gerald L. Glascoe, Jr.
Co-founder/Treasurer, The North Star Bridge Project




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