Building New Bridges

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We want to share some past and current "bridge building" stories to help people better understand our mission, and to encourage others to get involved in helping us to build more bridges.



Michael was one of my college students this last year. After missing a few assignments and classes, I was able to find out what was going on in his life. He needed some financial help to get him through a difficult time. It was important to him to finish school, so he accepted our help.

MichaelSoon after he shared his story with us, we began helping Michael build his bridge to success. Because of our involvement in his life and his education, we decided to create The North Star Bridge Project. His story is an inspiring one of hardship and hard work!
He wrote down his story for us to share with you.

Read Michael's Story

Michael became self-sufficient within a year of being in our program. We will always be there to help him, but it is nice to see him making it on his own!




Struggling Family - GRADUATED from college!!

We are currently helping a family who has recently come across hard times. Our student is a wife and a mother of two young children. She is a full time college student who is only one semester away from finishing a degree that will lead to a great career. She has worked very hard to acheive her goals, but her family has come across difficult financial times during the past year, and she is in need of help to get through her last semester. We feel truly blessed to be able to help her in reaching her North Star. It is amazing to be a part of blessing other people's lives, as they build their bridge to a successful future.

* update on this student! She graduated with honors!! Read KR's story



Another Family In Need

We recently started helping a family whose husband/father is going to nursing school. He and his wife have two small children. The student works long hours and goes to school full time, but he has such a great attitude! It has been both an honor and a blessing having them in our lives! Read Josh's story


Single Mom with Special Needs Daughter - She is now self sufficient!!

We had the pleasure of helping a single mom with a special needs daughter for 5 months. She needed some help making her minivan payments. We are very happy to say she only has 6 months left before she graduates as an occupational therapy assistant, but she is completely self-sufficient now. If she is in need again before she graduates, we will be there for her and her daughter! Read Beth Ann's Story


Student In Need

We started helping a student this past semester who needed to get out of her current living situation. She has no family and no one to help her. We had a very generous donation to get her a laptop so she could study anywhere, and she just recently was able to move into her own apartment. We had a very generous donation of furniture to fill her apartment!


Another Student In Need

Our newest student is working part time and going to school full time. She is currently sleeping on a friend's couch, and we hope to find a better situation for her soon. We recently purchased a cell phone for her so that we can at least contact her now!




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